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Vitaverde 7th anniversary

  • 7 days of the week
  • 7 continents
  • 7 colors in a rainbow
  • 7 notes in a music scale
  • 7 wonders of the ancient world
  • 7 virtues
  • 7 years of Vitaverde

You can notice number 7 in different cultures, traditions and mythologies: Buddhism, Chinese culture, Christianity, Egyptian mythology, Greco-Roman tradition, Hinduism, Islam, Hebrew tradition.

People say that 7 is a magical, mysterious, spiritual and lucky number. Since it’s our birthday, we have chosen it to be lucky. Lucky for you and lucky for us.

Why is that? Because we have survived the crisis together, we have become stronger together and we aim to improve ourselves in order to constantly grow. Some luck can help there.

The past year

Usually focusing on the future is the best solution. Yet, let’s look back for a moment as a reminder of what happened during these 365 days.

Together with you, we successfully continued creating green experiences in Greece and Serbia. Then the arrow on the map changed a bit and the first vertical garden in Skopje connected the line. Also the path turned to the other side of the map, which resulted in the first publication in a Chinese book. So we can dream big.

You surely had the opportunities to enjoy activities that were held during this period: workshops, lectures, classes, webinar (Ecoweek, TedEx, i-bank, YMCA, IMLA). All in all, a great experience for all of us!

7th anniversary

Till the 8th candle

So turn your head to the future now, there are many plans to be realized and opportunities to be taken. The map is to be filled with arrows in many directions. Different goals are to be achieved every year. You will be the first to read all the updates. Thank you for your support and trust during this 7th year!

Before blowing out the 7 candles on the cake, we wish for… Right, we can’t tell you, otherwise it will not come true. Continue trusting us and you will see this wish come true. You will like it too!

Happy anniversary!

i-bank store Skopje and one strange experience

As a member of NBG group, Stopanska banka AD Skopje opened an i-bank store in the center of Skopje. Among other characteristic services such as e-banking, telephone banking, m-banking, APS and ATM, i-bank has developed another recognizable stamp – a vertical garden. All the touch screens, computerized design and style of the space still don’t make you feel away from nature. On the contrary, with the green state-of-the-art watching your back, at the i-bank you feel calm and that everything is in balance, so you can finish your job and enjoy the process.


And that is actually where this story begins.

The beautiful shape of the entrance was already promising that if you came in, you would feel like Alice in Wonderland. Something was telling me that once you visit this place, you just keep coming back, even to escape the reality for a bit…

Coming in!

Sliding doors sensed my presence and opened to welcome me to the world of the unknown. With the first step I took, I felt like some alien race has landed their space shuttle and brought their technology to Earth. Enchanted, almost in the state of delirium, I was one touch away from… PAYING MY BILLS! @#%!*^$

Have you ever imagined that this very action, paying bills, can be enjoyable and something you can’t wait to do again?! Call me crazy, but try it once for yourself and you will see what I’m talking about. This i-bank store has become my favorite place to see people, drink my coffee and enjoy the garden. I inhaled the fresh air while finishing my e-banking matters and said to myself: This is the real deal.

Vertical garden

When I couldn’t find any excuses to stay longer at the store, I eventually left and kept looking back at the green garden, enjoying the feeling of perfect harmony in my chest. From the outside, the i-bank space seemed so vivid, that when I turned my imagination on and my vision off, I could even see the plants dancing in the rhythm of the music. And I just felt I want to dance along.

Dance along

Images of nature

Don’t you believe that sharing knowledge and the idea of sustainability & greenscaping inspire people to appreciate and take care of greenery? We surely do, so on 27th of November the Vitaverde team participated in an online seminar organized by Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-Geislingen, International Master of Landscape Architecture (IMLA) with the topic “International perspectives on planting design”. This was a very interesting experience for all the people involved.

Images of nature

Images of nature in your environment

During the interactive presentation with the topic “New approaches in urban greenery, perspectives from Serbia and Greece”, you could hear about innovative ways of adding green to the urban environment. The focus on practical problem solving during planning, designing and constructing such spaces, fit the style and practical approach of the whole webinar and the IMLA program.

Pocket parks, green roofs and vertical gardens

The feedback from the 90+ participants was very rewarding and the lecture triggered an interesting conversation. Since the presentation was focused on innovative solutions, specifically pocket parks, green roofs and vertical gardens, it also raised a lot of questions. The audience heard useful information and gained a general image about these technologies & techniques. That gave them the opportunity to explore everything into detail after the lecture.

Plants in your environment

Questions and answers

As expected, most of the questions were focused on sustainability; questions about maintenance costs, irrigation needs, microclimatic effects, construction carbon footprints, as well as questions about practical use of spaces, sound management or dealing with problems after the construction of projects.

Obviously, people asking questions from places all around the world, with different climatic conditions and different urban typologies, make it impossible to come up with only one answer. What’s most important is to understand the significance of planning and designing based on the unique characteristics of every space and time planning in terms of landscape management.

Landscape projects, regardless of their scale, need special attention since they are living and growing organisms, which are part of a bigger ecosystem. One cannot simply consider them finished after construction. Having a multidisciplinary team of people from the early stages of planning can make a huge difference in how successful and also how sustainable a project is in the long term.

Greenery matters

Wanna watch the presentation?

If you missed the opportunity to follow the webinar in November, here’s the chance for you to review it and enjoy it! Click here to go to Vitaverde’s lecture and discussion recording.

So what is your perspective on planting design? How do you think images of nature fit the landscape design in your environment?

Webinar – International perspectives on planting design 2013

Images of nature Amazing plants When you give it a thought, you realize that images of nature have been presented in many ways through the centuries by artists: by writers, who are expressing them in words, by musicians, expressing them in beautiful melodies, by painters, expressing them in different colors. Have you ever considered the work of landscape architects a form of art and nature itself a great source of inspiration? Well, the impact of images of nature in designing is quite visible and it’s easy to spot variations in different regions and cultural contexts. Stones and plants Main idea

The whole idea of the webinar is to explore, together with present and future young professionals, to what extent interpretations of plants still influence design principles and what’s the role of globalization in the development of those principles. Students of landscape architecture and similar disciplines, together with the top professionals in the field are the stakeholders who bring this initiative by Nürtingen-Geislingen University, Germany/International Master of Landscape Architecture to a whole new level. Different viewpoints of many landscape architects form all over the world will be presented and discussed at this amazing event – International perspectives on planting design – which has become a tradition.

Our contribution Oilve tree Vitaverde with their approach to interpretations of nature and plants in South-eastern Europe aims to share the energy, experience and practical knowledge, which provide added value to all stakeholders involved. Register here to participate in the presentation and discussion on Wednesday 27th of November 18.00 – 19.30 pm CET. It is going to be very interesting, so see you there!

Longing for summer

Ideas are like soap bubbles, you can create many in a short period of time. They are so fragile and beautiful. Some of them vanish immediately and some stay for a while for you to enjoy them as the summer breeze leads them to the sky. You can also decide to do something with them – puncture them on purpose, let some fly their own way out and some you can try to catch. Whatever you do, they all soon disappear, because you either transform them into reality or just forget them and let them float away. And here you are again, challenged to create new bubbles.

Pool at balcony

So if you wish to have a beautifully decorated veranda and think that there is no space for such luxury, well think again! If you set your mind free, more ideas will come to you and you will find a perfect solution. No matter the size of your space, if you have a good idea, you can always make it look great in the end.


To improve the privacy of your veranda, you can choose wood as natural material which gives warmth to the space. This specific Showood fence doesn’t make you feel closed, but on the contrary, it beautifies the space and makes you feel surrounded by nature. The green and red leaves of Photinia fraseri plants also create a nice hedge and give the final touch to the veranda.

At a place created out of your ideas, you can really enjoy the atmosphere, positive energy and your creativity. Lie down on that rainbow bubble of yours, turn on all five senses and start the adventure!

The garden of your dreams

Close your eyes for a moment. Trust me, just do it. Now open them. Suddenly you realize you are at a beautiful house with a sea view. Probably something everyone dreams of. You get up, walk out to the garden and rub your eyes in disbelief. “Where am I?” you keep asking yourself with your eyebrows lifted.

Garden and sea view

All you can see around you is pure beauty. You turn around in circles just to save memory of every single angle and every single image before your eyes. The impeccable lawn and flowerbeds, it seems everything is in its place. What an amazing garden! Believe it or not, there is a pool, too. What else could you wish for?

Pool area at a garden

Garden with beautiful flowers

The surroundings make you feel relaxed and the peaceful atmosphere is perfect for spending this day. You take a deep breath and say to yourself: “I feel happy!”

Wondering how much it will last? Well, you don’t have to leave this garden and wake up from this dream if you don’t want to. Watch these photos and imagine you are still there enjoying every inch of it.

Green garden

By the way, this perfect place is real and it lays in Chalkidiki. The villa proudly wears her flowerful dress with geometric linear design. The native plants fit the wider landscape and together with the installation by the pool, add privacy to the garden. That way the place is separated from the street area and you can enjoy the garden of your dreams.

When you release your imagination, great things can happen. What does the garden of your dreams look like?

Who wants to have some fun on a “Terassa”?

Terassa detail

Whether you have your own terrace to enjoy or not, there is one you can’t resist either way. Terassa is the place to lounge the day away and welcome the night to continue fun. With the Belgrade fortress in the background and its stone walls all around, the place is a perfect getaway to create summer moments. To complete that unique image, we decided to decorate and green up Terassa with Bacsac planters.

Planting for Terassa

Plants, soil and many hands, that is what you could see before the final image was completed. Probably the people who were passing by when we brought the planters thought we were moving in with all those bags! Soon though they figured out what we meant to do with these. Planters hanging from the balcony fence, different sized planters on the floor and small ones hanging on a wall separator were like a cherry on top of the cake.

Terassa Belgrade

Well, I guess you are intrigued to try a piece of that cake! So if you feel like relaxing today, go to Terassa to lay back and drink something refreshing in shade. If you feel the beat inside of you, go there during the night and have some summer fun! We made sure you fit in because when the crowd gets going, we just made sure these innovative planters can easily be moved to make more space for you on the dance floor! Are you going?

Fortress seen from Terassa

Public park gone private

If someone told me that I could have a garden or even a small park of my own in a city center, I would not easily believe them… By the way, I don’t have that much money to buy a park. Probably neither do you, that’s why I’m suggesting you to read this story and see if it’s possible to change your opinion! I certainly changed mine.

Park in front of Local Espresso Bar

Some time ago the Municipality of Thessaloniki invited its citizens to adopt green corners, arrange them and take care of them. This idea was interesting to Vitaverde and the owners of Local espresso bar right across a park, so they decided to adopt the space, renovate it and let all the visitors experience moments of relaxation.

Back then the park was just another surface in need of a serious makeover and still it offered so many opportunities to become a lively and green environment! We were enthusiastic to redesign the space and wanted our example to encourage others to participate actively in greening the city, to care about parks like their own gardens. Suddenly the crisis knocked on the door, not as a visitor, but with the intention to stay for a while. That is when the things got more complicated… No matter the circumstances, we decided to go on and let our believes lead us to the creation of something extraordinary. It just took a little more time till the park could become a green oasis of the city.

Park Thessaloniki

This spring was the moment for that idea to come alive and turn from paper into reality. The center of Thessaloniki got a brand new park and we are proud that we gave that contribution to our co-citizens and the city. Now that you can have a full park experience while having a drink at your corner café, you can say that it was worth the effort.

Local Espresso Bar

So if you take a walk down Pavlou Mela Street, you will stumble upon this park which we are sure you will like and enjoy. Don’t forget to send us your photos from there!


A 5 star vertical garden for a 5 star resort

At the exclusive Sani Resort in Chalkidiki, Greece, everything exists in harmony. Since the whole resort has been developed and maintained to live in harmony with the nature that surrounds it, the idea of bringing nature and its beauty indoors fits the concept of the resort and its care about sustainability. One of the restaurants that has been renovated by Nimand Architects this spring embraced a big vertical garden that enhanced the interior aesthetics.

Sani vertical garden

Building a vertical garden is always a challenge and we love it because of the whole process, the needed creativity and the beautiful outcome. Seeing an empty wall completely transformed into a gorgeous green drapery cannot be easily described with words.

This impressive vertical garden is placed over the buffet and the view on it offers an extraordinary experience to the guests. The relaxing atmosphere of the restaurant is emphasized by this green project and guests of the resort enjoy nature even in the dining hall. Comfort and luxury portray the place and plants contribute to physical and mental well-being by creating a balance in the atmosphere. The plants also purify the interior air and increase a calm state of mind of the people spending time in the restaurant.

Sani resort

Having a meal at this restaurant is a real pleasure. The experience of enjoying different tastes is completed with the breath taking view on the vertical garden which intensifies the feeling of pure serenity, beauty and satisfaction.

Sani garden

This garden emits creativity, enthusiasm, vision and teamwork and fills the space with positive energy. Visit this getaway and experience your unique holiday in nature both outdoors and indoors!

Tips for an eco-friendly bedroom that soothes your mind and body

Today’s guest post is written by Joyce Del Rosario, an interior design blogger. Joyce works as a Community Outreach Specialist at Open College of Art and Design, one of the leading providers of interior design courses. Enjoy this interesting post!

The bedroom is the place where you should be able to wind down at the end of each day and rejuvenate yourself both mentally and physically. Here are some tips for turning your bedroom into a soothing sanctuary that helps you relax and also blends well with nature.

Choose a restful color

Believe it or not, the colors you choose for your home can have a direct influence on your general mood. The color blue is thought to bring down your heart rate and help you calm down.

Green is restful to the eye, and is generally a choice for bedrooms. Always use low VOC paints that are free of carcinogens and won’t harm the environment or your health.

Bring nature indoors

Letting a bit of nature into your room is a great way to improve your quality of sleep and will also help the room feel light and airy. Plants produce oxygen and keep your air fresh, and some of them like lavender or jasmine can even help you sleep better.

Some other plants you may want to consider for your bedroom due to their air filtering abilities include English ivy, the Peace lily and rubber plants, as they are known to absorb harmful chemical compounds like benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the air.

Another way to bring the nature indoors is to use natural elements in your décor. For example, you can create beautiful natural flower arrangements with rocks, rustic branches and a couple of single flowers in a glass vase.

Rustic furniture can also soften the feel of your room, like a table or stool made with an old tree stump, a shelf made with a rough piece of wood, or wicker baskets to hold magazines or other bedroom knick-knacks.

Don’t allow technology into the bedroom

Technology may have improved our lives in many ways, but it certainly hasn’t improved the quality of our rest. Exposure to electronics right before you go to sleep can interfere with your body’s ability to produce melatonin (a sleep-promoting hormone).

If you want your bedroom to be the calming sanctuary that it should be you need to banish all technology, and that includes your laptop, tablet and smartphone; the bedroom should be a tech-free zone.

How do you imagine your eco-friendly bedroom?